June 22nd - July 3rd | Online event on Utomik
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Utomik and INDIGO combine forces 

Play this year’s best INDIGO games during a limited period of time on Utomik!

Discover a diverse selection of 26 games from the Netherlands and abroad & chat with game creators and visitors on INDIGO’s online channels. You can play all the INDIGO games on Utomik! 

With our special event sign-up, you get to play the event’s games for 7 days straight. Additionally, we let you play all the other games on Utomik too. Keep in mind that the INDIGO games will only be on Utomik until the event period ends, so use your 7 days wisely. You can start your 7 days of INDIGO between June 22 and June 29.

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Play all games showcased by INDIGO and while you're at it, play the rest too. ;-)

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If you have an existing Utomik-account…

Just Play! You can play the event’s games if you have an active (trial or sub) Utomik account. If your account is currently inactive, you can redeem the event’s code INDIGO20 (caps sensitive) between June 22 and June 29 and play for 7 days on that account. No problemo! And we hope you enjoy discovering your next favorite game!
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These games are playable during INDIGO Online 2020

Despot's Game
Now There Be Goblins
Traffic Jams
Garden Story
Project Exhibited
Aeon Drive
Welcome to Beacon Pines
Floppy Knights
Press The Dot
Causa, Voices of the Dusk
Ghost on the Shore
Gone Viral
Fake Illusions
Rehaboo Active
M.I.L.O. A satellite of stories
Sanity of Morris

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