Carefree Capers: Shaping up!

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Carefree Capers: Shaping up!


"Carefree Capers, Shaping up!" is an application designed to develop awareness among children about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle: exercising, eating a balanced diet, washing, and growing vegetables are among the activities that the child gets his or her character to do: Paulette or Josette!

It's very simple: Paulette (or Josette) grows vegetables in the garden, picks them, and exchanges them for items from the other main food categories. In this way, it can eat different foods 4 times a day, and in a balanced way.

With each meal, a wheel is gradually filled in and the child visualizes the concept of balanced diet in 7 colored segments... A first step in learning to look after their health!

With each game, the child unlocks new vegetables and foods to enrich his or her collection, but also new episodes of the animated series "Carefree Capers, Shaping up."

Note: The design of the game was based on this animated series, comprizing 26 episodes, and which complies with the French PNNS (National Nutrition and Health Plan).

The graphics provided by Caroline Desnoëttes, an author of children's books, is original and very colorful, and is full of materials that are different from "usual digital designs." The soundtrack is fun; Paulette and Josette speak a colorful language!

Learning how to "look after themselves" in an original, fun, fresh, and colorful environment makes the application as useful as it is attractive.

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Play Carefree Capers: Shaping up! on Utomik now. Start your free trial period, no strings attached.

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Age Rating

  • Publisher: Plug In Digital
  • Original release date: 2015-04-30

Available worldwide

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Minimum: Disk Space: 167.3 MB

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