Point Perfect

Action Indie Retro

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Point Perfect puts your mouse hand to the ultimate test. In this fantasy world, the mouse cursor is your ship. Use your reflexes to avoid aliens, saucers, meteors, and all manner of retro arcade enemies. Draw boxes around your enemies to target for the mothership to shoot down. Do you have what it takes?


  • Dynamic gaming: Every time you fire up a game you get a new experience. Randomly generated levels, events and bosses.

  • 20 Bosses to encounter and destroy. Collect trophies from boss kills to unlock a secret mode!

  • 4 classes to choose from. At the start of each round, you will choose a class to for you play style. Going for a highscore? Then the Greed class might be for you. Maybe you're on a boss hunt. Then Utility or Power might be a better choice.

  • Play a game in minutes! This is a casual game for hardcore gamers. Point Perfect is the ultimate time waster when waiting for ques for other games. Just fire it up, and improved your mouse control.

Minimum system requirements

Operating system
Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
1.00 GB
Disk space
35.00 MB
Available for 32-bit and 64-bit systems
  • Publisher: Plug In Digital
  • Original release date: 2014-07-17

Age rating

Fantasy Violence

Available worldwide

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