Sally's Salon - Kiss & Make-Up
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Sally's Salon - Kiss & Make-Up

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Sally and François dive headlong into chaos and absurdity in a brand new spa!

Sally’s Salon – Kiss & Make-Up is a thrilling tale of passion, love, danger, intrigue, bizarre absurdity, and of course: beauty salons. It’ll keep you laughing from the moment you begin until you reach the very end of this weird roller coaster ride. In short, a time-management story game like no other!

  • Laugh along with François, cheekier and funnier than ever in his role as the dashing Narrator!
  • Collect diamonds to customize your helper (François!) the way YOU want
  • Assign your helper to a station and tell him how to help you
  • Cut your way through 60 hair-curling levels, plus another 28 challenge levels
  • Master 23 beauty-themed mini-games to “dye” for
  • Experience hilarious cinematics that’ll bring the story to life like never before
  • Prepare to be wowed by stunning graphics specially designed for mobile devices
  • Become a beautician as you do nails, cut hair, give massages and perform many other treatments across 6 beautiful locations

Hi, François here… Let me take you on a journey. And trust me, it will be a journey to remember! It all started a few months ago…

Sally and I were happy in her salon. Being beauticians, making girls pretty… business was booming! That all changed when her “best friend” (hah!) April came around, offering Sally a “chance of a lifetime”. Sally, bless her, chooses only to see the good in people, and actually listened to April. Next thing you know, she’s sold her salon and used all her savings to become co-owner of Happyville, a luxurious spa.

And that’s when the real chaos started… April is fixated on earning a Mirage star for the spa and is willing to do anything - and everything - to get one! Sally doggedly insists April isn’t as bad as she looks. I’m sorry, but if it looks like a snake and slithers like a snake, well…

Of course, that’s just MY opinion!

Please, come help me talk some sense into Sally. With your help, I’m sure it will be okay in the end!

Enjoy this salon time management game brought to you by GameHouse Original Stories, creators of the Delicious and Heart's Medicine series!

  • Minimum
  • Operating system
    Windows 7, Windows 7 sp 1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Processor
    1.6 GHz
  • Memory
    1.00 GB
  • Graphics
    Intel Integrated Graphics
    • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Disk space
    320.00 MB
  • Architecture
    32-bit or 64-bit system
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