Tiny Force Deluxe

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Tiny Force Deluxe

RPG Strategy Casual Indie Arcade Online Multiplayer Turn-based Combat Strategy RPG Local Multiplayer Full Controller Support

Tiny Force Deluxe is a physics-based battle game in the best mix between slingshot with pinball and RPG elements. Just pull, aim, release and the mess is made!


Set up and evolve your team of characters, each with its own type of attack and special powers! Your Tiny Force team can have monsters, robots, ninjas, dragons, vikings, zombies, etc. Evolve them with the magic jewels you encounter through the game and fight in the most diverse arenas.


Battle local against your friend or online with players around the world.


  • Build your best team to defeat opponents and level up
  • 5 different worlds to clear
  • 30 characters to unlock and evolve
  • The more you play, the more characters you release, and with them new abilities, such as: Rebating, Slitting, Shooting, among others
  • Destroy the Crystals and gain the jewels to evolve your characters
  • Bonus to get Energy, Ultras, Lives and more
  • Awesome bosses to tackle

Play Tiny Force Deluxe on Utomik now. Start your free {{basicSubscription | trialTime : true}} trial period, no strings attached.

Play Tiny Force Deluxe on Utomik now. Start your free trial period, no strings attached.

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Age Rating

  • Publisher: Sinergia Studios
  • Original release date: 2017-10-12

Available worldwide

System Requirements

Minimum: Disk Space: 644.0 MB

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