The new Utomik experience

The future of Utomik is much faster!

The future of Utomik is much faster! It also looks better and works more smoothly. But best of all: it has personal game recommendations that offer you the best games to play next, based on what you play and like.

The new desktop app is live

We have been working tirelessly to give you a new and improved desktop app. This new experience is now available to everyone worldwide. That means that everyone with a Utomik subscription or trial can use the new and improved app.

Why the new desktop app is an improvement:

Improved performance
Personal recommendations
Smoother browsing experience
Need help? We have the answers for you.

Frequently asked questions

When will the new desktop app be available?

The new desktop app has replaced the old one, and is now available for everyone.

How do I get the new desktop app?

At your next login on Utomik, the desktop app will automatically update for you (download the installer if you don’t have Utomik installed yet). It will only take a few minutes, and then you’re all set to go and play your favorite games again.

The new desktop app is not working for me, and I’d like to go back to the old one. Is that possible?

We’re sorry you have encountered a bug. Unfortunately, we no longer support the previous version. We recommend that you contact They will help you to get Utomik up and running again soon.

Where can I share my feedback, bugs, and enthusiasm?

Thanks for wanting to help out! You can report bugs and issues directly to our developers through our Discord server (check out our dedicated channel #feedback-new-desktop-app!) or through the in-app feedback form. Share your enthusiasm on our Discord server and social media Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Where can I stay up-to-date about the new desktop app and other Utomik news?

You can follow us on Discord, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates on everything Utomik. Or read our news items on the website and in our desktop app.