Launch your personal vendetta in Blue Estate!

Launch your personal vendetta in Blue Estate!

We've got games for whatever mood happens to strike this weekend. What will you play first?

With its striking visuals and dark humor, Blue Estate - The Game is a rail shooter you don’t want to miss! Adapted from the critically acclaimed Blue Estate graphic novel, you’ll be able to play as two different characters for twice the fun!

Every choice has consequences, and you’ll learn those quickly enough in Beholder. Work as a state-installed landlord, listening in on fellow tenants and choosing what information to divulge, and what to keep close to your chest. Do you fight for the greater good, or for your family’s protection?

Help Kai and her family escape Wretched Island in Odyssey - The Next Generation Science Game/. In this beautiful puzzle and exploration game, learn the history of astronomy, mechanics, and scientific reasoning! Who said learning can’t be fun?

There’s nothing like sibling rivalry to keep you on your toes. Lily and Beatrice are sisters who both want access to a magic portal in The Other Side: Tower of Souls, and as a detective investigating these two sisters you need to determine quickly which one has evil intentions and stop her.

With over 40 levels of murder and mayhem, three antihero characters, and a wide variety of weapons, RIP is a pack of three heart-pounding arcade shooter games. Can you keep up?

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October 06, 2017