Furi, Project Graviton and 4 more games!

Furi, Project Graviton and 4 more games!

The jailer is the key, meaning he’s the only opponent that matters, but that doesn’t mean he won’t make it as difficult as possible to reach him in Furi! There’s only one more question that needs to be asked; what will you fight for?

Superpower 2 will let you mastermind your own geopolitical masterpiece, or at least try to! Using real data from the U.S. military, the United Nations and the CIA, you’ll play the role of data accurate countries and the challenges that face them.

Create, Race, Win, Repeat! A throwback to classic top down racing, Race.A.Bit lets you create your own tracks to challenge your friends and claim pole position!

A missing professor has everyone left clueless, so the enigmatic Alex Hunter is called in to solve the case! Nothing has been too much for him so far, but will this case stump him in Alex Hunter: Lord of the Mind Platinum Edition?

Bob found himself late at work one night and stumbled across something he shouldn’t have in Project Graviton. Now he’s the master of gravity and his boss is….well let’s just say he isn’t happy about it.

Looking for a game for the younger family members? Teddy Floppy Ear - Kayaking is a great place to start! Based on a charming children's character, this game is designed to be violence free but still fun.

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March 09, 2018