5 Adventure Games to play today!

Adventure games are often characterized by exploring different areas and solving puzzles. You get to become a hero in many different worlds and thanks to their narrative nature it’s not uncommon to see movie or book franchises made into adventure games. 

While we offer a large variety of games on Utomik, we understand the difficulty to pick the next game to play - that’s why we’ve got five adventure game recommendations for you right here! 

Experience the beginnings of open world adventures with Outcast - Second Contact, the remake of the identically titled “Outcast” from 1999. This classic got a full visual rework as well as new dynamic moves and hidden areas. Pioneer of its genre, Outcast takes you back into the magnificent world of Adelpha and puts fate into your hands.

Figment is a musical adventure game with diverse and clever puzzles. You’ll wander through the world of a human mind, illustrated beautifully with hand-painted brushstrokes and unique characters. Now is a great time to play the game, as Figment: Creed Valley will be coming soon to Utomik as a Day One release.

What’s better than one game? Three games! In Deponia: The Complete Journey you get a 3in1 deal telling the story of Rufus who is trying to escape the garbage dump Deponia. For avid point-and-click adventure fans, this is a must play! And fret not - once you are done with that one, we got Deponia: Doomsday for you to play as well. 

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be Batman, then you should play Batman: Arkham Asylum. Batman: Arkham Asylum is an action adventure game, so between the riddles you get to beat up some bad guys! The game features multiple takedown methods, but do not underestimate the importance of stealth. Become the Batman!

Space simulation meets adventure: Deliver Us The Moon takes you - you guessed it - to the moon, where you need to gather clues and and find out what happened to the lunar colony before your arrival. While this sounds like a lonely mission, you at least got an ASE drone by your side to keep you company. Together you will overcome obstacles and uncover the secrets of those long gone.

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Apr 23, 2020