Anima Gate of Memories added

Anima Gate of Memories added

It's Friday! Which means we have an another amazing game added. This is one for all the hack'n'slash RPG fans.

From the creators of the widely acclaimed Anima Beyond Fantasy RPG book series, we present you Anima: Gate of Memories. Project Anima joined forces with a team of experienced game developers to create this third person action RPG.

The game is a combination of combat and exploration with a lot of roleplaying elements. Set in the rich and beautiful world of Gaia, it is up to you to follow the storyline or just to wander around and see whatever crosses your path. Every action you choose will influence your journey and decide the destiny of the characters.

Also added this week: Neighbours from Hell 1+2, 8Days, Black Rainbow, Lost Civilization & Caribbean Sea Fishes.

Give Utomik a spin and let us know what you think of these new games!

December 02, 2016