A journey of revenge and betrayal in Decay of Logos, our latest Day One release

Today, we bring you Decay of Logos, one of the 10 indie games we showcased at gamescom last week. It was met with a lot of enthusiasm at the event!

This action/adventure RPG starts when your village is brutally destroyed in front of your eyes. Only you and your elk survive, seeking revenge on the Crimson Knights who were responsible. The game has a very rich story and deep lore but it’s not just an interactive tale. The combat is challenging and requires you to take a more tactical approach by switching up your deadly blows with parries, dodges, and counter-attacks. Make sure you have the right gear and plenty of potions in order to make it to the next checkpoint safely.

Decay of Logos was also streamed live at the Indie Arena Booth during gamescom last week. Check out the stream by Valkia, AnnieFuchsia, and Ricardo from Amplify Creations (the developer of the game)! They had a lot of fun playing and talking about the game.

Join the adventure!

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Aug 30, 2019