Achievement unlocked: new features added!

Ever wanted to get that sense of pride and accomplishment from your games? We’ve got your back!

We’re always updating Utomik, and we always love hearing your feedback on what you’d like to see. So for this latest update, two highly requested features are now live: Achievements and Add To List.

We've added achievements on our latest releases, and plan to do this for all future compatible releases too! So if you want to scratch that completionist itch you’re sure to find new ways to enjoy your favorite games!

We’ll also be continuing to add achievements to existing games that are already available. Do you have a game you’d love to see achievements for that we’ve already released? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter! Here’s just a few that have achievements right now!

  • Metro Last Light Redux
  • Metro 2033 Redux
  • Lucius
  • Tokyo Xanadu eX+
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1-3
  • For The King
  • Distrust

With the new Add To List feature, you can start curating your very own personalized channel of games that you’re excited to play. For those times where you just can’t decide, simply click ‘Add to list’ and save it for another time!

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Dec 13, 2018