Aragami, Defense Grid Gold, and 4 more titles!

Fight the army of Light and control the shadows as an undead assassin in superb third-person stealth game Aragami. You've been summoned by a girl imprisoned in the city fortress of Kyuryu. Teleport from shadow to shadow while you hunt down your enemies and creatively dispatch of them with a wide array of Shadow Powers. Play as a merciless emissary of death or an undetectable ghost!

Craving a new tower defense game? Well, let us introduce you to one of the best tower defense games ever made: Defense Grid Gold. With perfectly balanced levels, a lot of neat little challenges, and a high replayability, you don't want to miss this gem! It's up to you to stop the horde of invaders!

You should be able to solve any dispute with marbles, right? Until that glorious day arrives we will have to settle for solving them in Marble Duel. Fight your challengers and become the ultimate master!

In Avencast: Rise of the Mage you focus on spellcasting, freeing the academy from demonic monsters that descended on it. Rain down meteor showers on your enemies and cast a curse that sucks out their blood...slowly. Which tricks do you have up your sleeve?

Bring the karaoke bar to your own home with Let's Sing! This truly is a wonderful party game to be the star of the evening...or to make a complete fool of yourself. Turn up the volume and sing like you just don't care!

Go on an amazing adventure with Sindbad the Sailor in 1001 Nights - The Adventures of Sindbad. This enjoyable hidden object game includes many wild locations, monsters, and supernatural foes. Help Princess Chalida locate the seven gems of her royal crown to break an ancient curse that has trapped her in a wooden body.

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Feb 23, 2018