Brand new desktop app released today

We are thrilled and proud to present our new desktop app to you. As we cordially invite you to celebrate its worldwide release with us, we feel it’s good to highlight the best new features and improvements this new app offers our users!


First of all, the new app is much faster than the old one was. That’s not only good news for our users, since speed is a huge factor in the usability of our platform, but it also offers us plenty of room for future improvements that may tax the performance a little. All in all, we’re happy to have achieved this goal.

… and Better

Additionally, we have improved the interface and how we offer our 1200+ games to our users. On the homepage, one of our games will show up and start playing its highlighted trailer immediately. Our new recommendation engine determines which game is most suitable for each user. We can still promote games, but only if they align with the play behavior and preferences of a user. This will help us target the right audience with each promotion. At the same time, the recommendations help our users to find the games they like far more easily than before. And, with a catalog as deep as ours, that is a great usability benefit too!

Ready for the future

One of the invisible benefits of our new desktop app is that it’s been built on a completely different platform. This is the improvement we celebrate most, among our co-workers. It will make it much easier for all of us to improve the desktop app, run A/B-tests and build new features we’ve had on our shopping list forever. 

So join us in the celebration and congratulate our team on this enormous accomplishment. May the future hold even bigger and better dreams for all of us!

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Oct 7, 2021