Call of the Sea, Genesis Noir, Hercules V and Legendary Mosaics 2

This week, we offer you four very different worlds and stories to jump into. From a remote pacific island in the 1930s in Call of the Sea to jazzy Genesis Noir, where space and time are your playground. We’ve got you covered with amazing stories. There’s also the chance to jump back into Ancient Greece with our pal Hercules in 12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas, if you’re looking for some good old time management instead. Or perhaps we can interest you in fantasy nonogram puzzler Legendary Mosaics 2: The Stolen Freedom? Let’s explore our new titles together!

Call of the Sea

There are those games that have the power to make you nostalgic right off the bat. Call of the Sea is one of them. As Norah, you embark on a journey to an island in the heart of the South Pacific. The year is 1934, and you suffer from a mysterious disease that your husband set out to find a cure for. But that was a year ago, and all you have are his letters from an island so remote that even the locals hadn’t named it.

The island is home to a lush jungle and many puzzles, but also a dark mystery! As you search for your husband, the island’s secrets are revealed one by one as you solve increasingly challenging puzzles. This game is reminiscent of a slightly less action-packed, but far more dreamlike Indiana Jones. With stunning visuals, 3D Hidden Object-like challenges, and a compelling story in 6 chapters, it allows you to explore multiple endings. Call of the Sea has been extremely well received, and we are very proud to be able to offer it to you as part of our subscription starting today! Will you find out what happened?

Genesis Noir

After diving into the past with Call of the Sea, how about really taking time for a spin? Step into the role of a watch salesman in Genesis Noir, and save your love from a bullet shooting across time; a bullet aptly named the ‘Big Bang’.

Genesis Noir is an innovative indie filled with Jazz music and metaphysical metaphors. You are No Man, and you fall in love with jazz singer Miss Mass. However, Miss Mass tends to attract all sorts of suitors, and one of them is the jealous saxophonist: Golden Boy. Enraged, he fires a gun. Now you must stop the bullet! This game is without spoken dialog, and will require you to connect the dots yourself. Literally! This love triangle between three cosmic beings is sharp and well worth your time. And in true noir fashion, it is told only in black and white with groundbreaking visuals never seen before in a game, and a beautiful jazz soundtrack.

12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas

Ancient Greece is at peril once again! When approached by the god of war Ares, noble Hercules declines joining him in a war on all of Earth, even if the reward is wealth and power. Scorned, Ares vows that he will come to regret this. But it’s not just Hercules this time!

In 12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas, all the kids of Greece become zombified! Hercules and Megara must work hard to undo the curse and save the children before they become soldiers for the war. Get them back home and destroy the factory of evil toys that zombifies the children on your way! In this time management game with over 50 new levels, you must join our favorite heroes once again and stop Ares before it’s too late. Will the kids of Hellas be alright?

Legendary Mosaics 2: The Stolen Freedom

In Legendary Mosaics 2: The Stolen Freedom, you are reunited with the dwarf, the fairy and the terrible cat from the first game. This time, someone is out to steal the Statue of Liberty! As a symbol of hope and strength, it can only spell disaster if it were to fall into the hands of the evil wizard. Stop them in 100 color-coded nonogram puzzles and 4 difficulty modes!

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Nov 26, 2021