Choo Choo! ... Surprise Gamescom release!

Utomik is at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, this week to showcase two really special games coming to our service. Since we know that not everybody can make it all the way there, we have a little surprise for you: You can play one of the games that we're showing, Tracks - The Train Set Game, RIGHT NOW on Utomik too!

Tracks is a game for all ages to enjoy. Reconnect with your inner child and build the wooden train set of your childhood dreams! The beauty of the game is that there are no limitations on your track shapes, go beyond what you can do with a physical train set! And the best part? You can ride your train in first-person mode!

Play Tracks - The Train Set Game now on Utomik. And if you haven’t signed up for a free trial yet, visit for 14-days of free gaming.

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Aug 22, 2018