Conquer your fears in Iris and the Giant, our latest Day One release

Venture into the mind of Iris and explore her psyche and anxieties in roguelite deck building game Iris and the Giant. Uncover memories and fight her demons by putting together a card deck and solving puzzles.

Listen to my advice, defeating every enemy possible is not always the road to victory! Death is permanent, so if you can’t reach the stairs for the next level before dying, your progress will be lost.

While you dive deeper into the mind of Iris, you will make some imaginary friends that stand by your side.

The idea for Iris and the Giant started with paper cut-outs, as the developer, Louis Rigaud, was creating animated, interactive books for children. The inspiration definitely shows as the game art is absolutely lovely! Together with the strategic gameplay, this makes for an excellent game to take it slow with!

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Feb 27, 2020