DAY ONE Game Release - Shores Unknown

Today the awesome tactical turn-based RPG Shores Unknown launches worldwide, and we have the game DAY ONE on Utomik too! Trust us, you’ll want to know more about all the lands and adventures this epic fantasy game has to offer!

Story of Shores Unknown

You have recently been promoted to the leader of a mercenary band, but your last job has been an utter failure. Now that you’ve made an enemy of the Crown, who is the power and the law, you’ve made life rather difficult for your little gang. It’s up to you to survive and thrive in the lands between the Empire, the war in the south and the freezing unknown fogs (a.k.a. the Murk) in the north. Where will your journey take you?

Gameplay of Shores Unknown

Shores Unknown offers you gridless tactical combat, so you have the time to consider your actions and steer your team safely through combat. You get to watch your strategy play out in the execution phase. Think of Divinity Original Sin, if you’re looking for a comparison with a similar game and combat system.

Character progression is adaptive and will be based on the choices you make and the gear you collect. You’ll have deep party customization options, giving you excellent control over matching their abilities and progression.

> check out the trailer and gameplay footage on our games page

Our verdict of the game

We had a blast trying out the game with technical integration and eagerly await the launch version to play it and share it with you. The story was well-told and took a few unexpected turns. It was super fun to see where it will take us. 

The combat takes a bit of getting used to, but the fact that you can take the time to make your choices works really well. Even if turn-based play isn’t your thing, this one is so smooth you might not even be bothered, and allow you to enjoy the adventure nonetheless.

Last but not least: the game is aesthetically gorgeous, with a conscious choice to go for a low-poly rendering of the vibrant world the devs created for us. And… we’re loving it. Dive into this lovingly crafted game and let the story sweep you along!

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Feb 17, 2021