DAY ONE on Utomik: Legend of Keepers!

We have the honour of adding Legend of Keepers to Utomik on its worldwide launch day! In this awesome, unique DAY ONE game, you optimize the dungeons as best you can to defend yourself from pesky heroes killing your own pet beasties. Build a career for yourself and have fun!

Legend of Keepers

“Heroes? In MY dungeons? Never!” But, it turns out this is more likely than you’d expect. In Legend of Keepers, it’s up to you to crush those so-called heroes and manage your own dungeon! The game is difficult to capture in terms of genre. We think it’s a roguelite-meets-strategic-dungeon-management sort of gameplay, but way more fun than it sounds, even though it’s by no means a simple game. 

You get to set up your dungeon in the defense phase and then you move on to the action-packed dungeon phase. Heroes of all walks of life will trigger your cleverly laid traps, run into ambushes and can even trigger turn-based battles depending on your personal dungeon layout. This intense, reverse dungeon-crawler shows the dark side of things... 

Fun events and master bonuses will ensure every run comes with its own bit of spice, too. Maybe your employees going on strike is the true evil here? So, you’ll have to grab opportunities, as you climb the career ladder of the most fearsome dungeon around. 

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Apr 29, 2021