First-person dungeon crawler Conglomerate 451 now available on Utomik

Restore order in sector 451 through the use of cloned agents in first-person dungeon crawler Conglomerate 451, our latest Day One release.

Similar to popular games in the genre, like Legend of Grimrock, you move your units on a grid-based map, albeit turn-based compared to real-time in that title. Fight the henchmen of corrupted corporations in the cyberpunk world of Conglomerate City to regain control of sector 451. Outfit your agents with the latest weaponry and augment their bodies with interchangeable cyber implants to improve their skills. Take care of your agents as pain and trauma can change their abilities forever, and death is permanent!

Throughout their Early Access period, the developers of the game have been receptive of player feedback, bringing the best possible version of the game to Utomik today!

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Feb 20, 2020