Five Games that'll Kick Your Brain into Gear!

Fall is almost upon us, which means we need to start waking up our brains! Good thing we've just added five games that'll help you do just that.

Spellforce 2 Gold blends RPG and RTS gameplay in a beautiful visual package. Make sure to plan out how you use those skill trees!

If you're more into intense mysteries, The Fan will definitely keep you on your toes. With real actors and photos making up the visuals, you'll be thrown into a dark plot involving a serial killer. See how your choices influence the outcome.

If that's a little too intense, Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood may be a great option. Find clues and search for hidden objects to help rescue your fiance from a madman with a strange and twisted fascination with Red Riding Hood.

Victory at Sea will make you think about history and strategy!  Play as a commander of a naval fleet in World War II. Fight battles in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Mediterranian, and see if you can outmaneuver the enemy.

Much more lighthearted, than the previous four titles, Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar still gets you strategizing! With 90 levels of thrilling gameplay, save the creatures of Madagascar, and try to figure out what is causing the mysterious illness that is making them sick!

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Aug 18, 2017

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