Get ready for crazy antics with Super Cane Magic Zero, our latest Day One release!

Are you ready for a crazy adventure with a style and sense of humor reminiscent of card game Exploding Kittens and webcomic Cyanide & Happiness? Then you’re in the right place on Utomik with the global launch of action RPG Super Cane Magic Zero today!

Super Cane Magic Zero sends you off on a dangerous adventure to save the world! Cake the Wizard is dead, and his mighty magic dog AAAH! is out of control. A giant talking strawberry cake guides you on a mission to find the six witches and wizards of the Academy of Poptarts. Yes, this game gets a little weird in the best way.

The weirdness doesn’t stop with the storyline though. The characters and enemies inhabiting the planetoid of WOTF are all sorts of crazy. What really unleashed the kid in me, was the moment I found out you can eat everything that’s loose. Will you stick to a balanced diet of just eating fruits, vegetables and fiery donuts, or go crazy and put rocks, cacti, and bombs (at your own risk!) in your mouth?

Don’t just enjoy Super Cane Magic Zero on your own though. You can play the entire story mode with up to four people or battle each other in eight different arenas.

Release your inner child and go have fun!

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May 30, 2019