Kawaii New Releases: Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 and more!

Your daily dose of kawaii has arrived! The console wars are personified in JRPG Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1. Get ready for fun JRPG gameplay and lots of laughs in this game from Idea Factory.

If something a little darker is more up your alley, see if you can find a cure from being a vampire and join your love as a human in Twilight City: Love as a Cure.

Three lonely characters are trying to fufill their potential in Perfect Universe. Help them do so by competing in 6 different sporting events, all with a twist!

Space may be the final frontier, but we have no shortage of space games! Revolve reminds you of the physics lesson that every action has a reaction. Use this to race your space drone, Reepo, to escape a dystopian world.  Finally, Space Rangers: Quest is a new text-based adventure in the Space Rangers universe that puts you in charge.

How will you unleash gaming this weekend?

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Jun 16, 2017

it is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens.