New: Bad North: Jotunn Edition, Rush for Gold: California, Gourmania!

No more spookiness at Utomik! This time around, we give you three new games to unwind from the haunting holiday that was Halloween. Embark on a journey to the North with us for the most adorable strategy session, or follow the currents south to try your hand at finding gold in California. How about preparing delicious food in a beautiful resort?  There’s plenty to explore!

Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Sail away with us to the Bad North, where you venture out to defend countless tiny islands in an attempt to save them. Wave after wave of vikings will not make this easy! But if you successfully defend your island, the houses that you saved will pay you coin. And coin is what your troops need.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is a lightweight strategy game with roguelite dynamics; each island you set foot on is randomly generated, and the same goes for your commanders. No two sea voyages will be alike. Bad North is a gorgeous game, and the minimalist design is beautifully soothing. Don't let that fool you. The further your travels take you, the more bloody your battles will get (although you can turn off blood in-game, if you like). Train each commander in infantry, archery and pikemanship, and save as many homes as you can. This game is set to enchant you with all the wild bravery of the North.

Rush for Gold: California

Rush for Gold: California takes you on a trip to the Wild West! In this time management game, you start your own town in the deserts of the South-West and work hard to make it prosper. Are you up for the challenge? Embark on a journey across 39 locations, where your workers chop wood and gather everything else you need to raise new buildings in your town. But beware! Dangers lurk in the shadows. In this beautifully illustrated game, you'll have to deal with anything from wild animals to bank robbers and even natural disasters! Is your inner gold rush starting to itch?


Imagine a Hidden Object game, but with food! What could be better to satisfy your inner foodie? In Gourmania, you get to complete your customers' orders in a whole new way: the point-and-click way! Prepare your orders by finding the right ingredients for your dish, but make sure your customers don't have to wait too long. To create fast food masterpieces (and rack in the money), speed and order are your best friends. Become the best chef in town!

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Nov 5, 2021