New: Crypto: Against All Odds, Princess of Tavern and more!

It’s getting colder here at the office, but one of our games still wants us to put on our cool sunglasses for a while. Do you want to dive into cyberspace with us? Or did you just take a few steps back at that? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a few great casual titles too. Let’s jump right in!

Crypto: Against All Odds

Imagine fighting with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as you fend off security threats, but twist it into a tower defense game!

In Crypto: Against All Odds, you are a security expert who takes up bounties to help others mine, defend against bugs and deal with other deadly cyber security attacks. To do so, you must mine hash power with your mining rigs, and convert that power into crypto that can fight for you. Each crypto has its own abilities and values. Try combining them for even more deadly ammunition! As you unlock more crypto, you get to build more mining rigs and expand your home base; the Wallet Hub. But you also uncover a conspiracy. Can you bring this mysterious faction down?

Crypto: Against All Odds is a game with stylish visuals and a great synthwave soundtrack. You’ll quickly find yourself eager to move along. The game offers plenty of crypto memes for the connoisseurs, but you don't need to know anything about blockchain to enjoy this game!

Princess of Tavern

Ever wanted to own your own tavern, and maybe have a date with a Prince to look forward to? Princess of Tavern might be the game for you.

As Mary, who was kicked out of her previous waitressing gig because of an accident involving an aristocrat, you are down on your luck. That changes when you and your pet dragon Tobby save the handsome Prince of the kingdom Tavernland! Grateful and more than a little impressed with your bravery and beauty, you are given a tavern of your own on the edge of the kingdom, and a ticket to the royal ball!

It’s up to you to manage your customers and upgrade your tavern with your earnings, as you await the royal ball. Feed the inhabitants of the kingdom and win the Prince’s heart in 50 challenging levels and plenty of mini games in this beautiful time management game!

Nora’s AdventurEscape

Our favorite Hidden Object game of the week is Nora’s AdventurEscape. After your own Olympic career falls due to your partner’s betrayal, you learn that the estate of your ice skating hero is about to be demolished! Build new dreams for yourself and learn about your hero along the way. Manage away in this adorable puzzle game.

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Nov 19, 2021