New on Company of Crime and more…

With a really original concept and a cool, atmospheric art style, Company of Crime is sure to grab your attention early on. The game takes you back to 1960’s London, where you can choose to build a criminal empire, or turn the tide as an elite unit at Scotland Yard. The XCOM-style tactics will let you plot your strategy and keep the heat off your henchmen. With a focus on melee combat and maneuvering tight spaces, the game sets itself apart from other tactical turn-based strategy games.

Next, we have a truly upgraded version of Heart’s Medicine: Season One. If this is the first installment you play in the series, we are sure you’ll enjoy the great graphics, varied tasks and cool characters in this time management game, set in a hospital. The mini games will appeal to anyone who works in a medical environment too.

If, at any point you get stuck in your main game, or have a short break during working hours, Mega World Smash will brighten your day immediately. We have tons of beautifully designed 3D levels filled with bricks you get to destroy. A casual in-between game has never been more fun!

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Sep 11, 2020