New on Utomik: Amnesia: Memories, Rusty Lake Hotel & more

Amnesia: Memories is the first otome visual novel on Utomik. You awaken with your memories gone. Can you learn the truth behind your amnesia while navigating complex relationships with five men? There are 20+ possible endings, so will you write the lasting love story you deserve, or will your love and life come to an end?

New guests have arrived at the eerie Rusty Lake Hotel. Solve various brain teasers to find the ingredients to make five dinners to die for!

No, this is not the plural of 'enchilada'. Enceladus is a PlayStation and Saturn-era inspired shoot-'em-up, taking the core mechanics and infusing them with a modern twist and updated visual style. Lead the counter-attack on an unknown alien force and free Earth!

Set in an alternative history, Cuban Missile Crisis puts you into a world ravaged by the miltary-political confrontation between USA and USSR in 1962. It's an interesting mix of real-time battles and a turn-based global tactical mode. Conquer new resources, track new borders, create a new map of the world!

Keep your cooks busy, your customers fed, and your cafe stylish in Amelie's Cafe. Are you up to the task of bringing back your grandfather's historic cafe to its former glory?

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May 11, 2018