New on Utomik: Cardaclysm, The Trials of Olympus and Farmington Tales

This week, we come bearing three entirely different games, and all of them are fun! Battle it out with the Four Horsemen (that you unleashed yourself, curse you), or convince your future father-in-law that your palace-building skills are legendary for a reason! Or how about retreating to the farm?


The Apocalypse is afoot, and it's all your fault! In Cardaclysm, your tinkering with dangerous magic unleashes the Four Horsemen into the world. Send them back from whence they came before they and their minions bring about the end of the world, or worse... your wizard colleagues find out!

Cardaclysm boasts gorgeous graphics and a dungeon crawler environment reminiscent of classics like Diablo, but mixes that up with collectible trading card games. Fight your opponents in dark ruins and tropical jungles, or wherever the procedurally generated levels take you! Equip your own hero with artifacts and pick your fighters from over 200 cards. The fight against evil will never be the same!

The Trials of Olympus

Help Angelo in indie match-3 game Trials of Olympus. Once an architect for the gods, Angelo fell in love with a mortal princess and neglected his work. Now, banished to Earth, he must convince the father of his love that he is worthy. Prove it by building the king of Greece a most impressive Olympian the heart of a wasteland infested with monsters! Gather resources in 79 challenges, find the gems of the gods, and earn the approval of the king!

Farmington Tales

Help us out at Dahlia Farms! Farmington Tales is a farm simulator and hidden object game all in one, set on a beautifully picturesque farm in financial trouble. Help Floyd become Farmer of the Year in order to save it! Improve the farm, find lost items, and solve a treasure trove of mini puzzles. All hidden object scenes in this game are randomized, so every challenge is fresh!

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Dec 17, 2021