New on Utomik: Dead in Vinland including all DLC, and more!

Welcome back for yet another game-filled on this Black Friday update! We have three new titles for you today. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we did.

Dead in Vinland is made by the same team that brought us Dead in Bermuda, and even though the stories are not linked, you’ll learn more about the strange islands our travelers are stranded on. The version you’re getting on Utomik has all three released DLC packs included, including a doggo companion!

We have a fun arcade shooter game for you with Rigid Force Alpha. Pilot your ship and shoot all the obstacles out of the way. We do recommend using a controller for this one. At least, that’s what we used in the office!

Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas tests your time management skills to the max, because you are building hotels and trying to be the best one managing your investments out there. It is a delightful adventure for everyone who enjoys management games!

That’s all for today. Have a great weekend and enjoy discovering your next favorite game on Utomik!

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Nov 29, 2019