New on Utomik - Demon Hunter 2, Merchants of the Caribbean and more!

With the addition of Demon Hunter 2 - New Chapter this Friday, we now have the entire series available on Utomik. Are you curious why these games are so popular? This is the best place to get started!

Demon Hunter 2 - New Chapter

The Demon Hunter series of games are a renowned set of hidden object games. Meaning that the games feature a usually mysterious storyline. It’s up to you to find out what’s going on by solving a series of puzzles, among which there are  tableaus of items with the items you’re looking for hidden in the clutter. Apart from a relaxed, casual gameplay, these games and this series in particular tend to have a very polished production level, with a smooth and easy interface and detailed and hand-painted graphics.

In Demon Hunter 2, the game picks up the story 20 years after the events of Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond. Dawn, our lead character realises she is the last living member of the ancient demon hunter order. One day she receives a call from a mysterious doctor Stuart Williams, who claims to be Dawn's foster father’s long-time friend. He promises valuable information about Dawn's biological parents that may shed some light on her eerie past shrouded in mystery.

Merchants of the Caribbean - Collector’s edition

Young Englishman Jack Savvy decides to launch a trade empire in the Caribbean. However, the greedy pirate Fallen Henry stands between Savvy and his success, attacking him for his ship and resources. In the thick of battle, the wicked pirate manages to tear off part of a real treasure map that miraculously ended up with Jack. And now the young trader must beat the pirate in the race for the secret treasure chest! 

Unlike other time-management games, Merchants of the Caribbean places an emphasis on trade. Of course, the settlers will also have to build bridges and roads, clear obstacles and sell the resources they collect. As well as building a farm, quarry and forest hut, you can also construct processing buildings, whose output is more expensive and better-suited for future production.

Rise of Balloons

Rise of Balloons is a cute adventure puzzle game where you have to use special balloons to spread happiness in a gloomy industrial city! This adorable indie game is sure to bring a smile to your face. A real pick-me-up!

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Jul 23, 2021