New on Utomik: Demon Hunter 4, Whispering Willows & more!

Discover the secrets of an old mansion through the old spirits haunting it, to find your missing father in Whispering Willows. The plot of this beautifully hand-drawn 2D game is full of twists and betrayal... Are you brave enough to face it?

In UFO: Aftershock it is up to you to reclaim the earth from unknown forces. This futuristic RTS combines global strategy with small scale tactical missions and provides a complex storyline, perfect for Sci-Fi fans!

Enter the world of ancient Egyptian gods in Demon Hunter 4, as you have to free your niece who is captured by an ancient evil spirit.

Puzzle-fanatics, pay attention! Enchanted Cavern 2 is here for all your Match-3 needs! Get ready for hours of jewel-filled fun for the whole family!

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Feb 1, 2019