New on Utomik: Devil's Hunt and four more games to explore!

The epic hack-’n-slash Day One Devil’s Hunt was added last Tuesday to Utomik. Will you join The Angels or the Demons in the fight that will determine the fate of the world?

Weird Park: The Final Show is the creepy finale to our hidden-object horror trilogy. A boy has disappeared and you are sent to the park as a reporter to discover what happened to him. Enjoy the beautiful locations, find all the clues to solve the case and make your way home.

The sci-fi minimalist graphic puzzle game Orbox C will certainly test your wits! We have 240 levels full of challenges for you to enjoy.

We have the Royal Holidays Collector’s Edition of the challenging Alawar time-management game Weather Lord for you to enjoy over the weekend. Control the weather for success, and after you’ve finished the game as a hero, you can try again, but now be the villain instead!

Get your friends together for frenzied fun with the most dangerous space soccer/hockey/pong game ever seen! Galactic Orbital Death Sport is guaranteed to make you laugh and cry at the same time as you crush your enemies, er, friends in local multiplayer.

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Sep 20, 2019