New on Utomik - El Hijo, Machinika Museum and Hidden Investigations 2!

We have a great puzzle adventure game for you to try this week. In El Hijo, it’s up to you to help a 6-year old boy sneak back to his mother, without being caught by the bad guys. Can you do that?

El Hijo

El Hijo is a beautiful game that breathes the old spaghetti-western atmosphere in color, narrative and music. The story is simple enough. Bandits came and destroyed the farm where the little boy lives with his mother. She decides to leave him in a monastery for his safety. But, boys being boys, he decides this life is not for him and he sets out on an adventure to find his mother.

The world is a dangerous place for a little kid, so avoiding danger is what this game is all about. Trying not to be seen, while clearing a path can be quite a puzzle. So plan your steps to make sure you’re not caught. The game is non-violent and leaves you with time to enjoy the graphics and the atmosphere, while challenging your puzzle-solving powers.

Machinika Museum

Machinika Museum is a mystery game where you discover beautiful and mysterious machines of extra-terrestrial origins in an atmospheric galaxy-spanning 3D puzzle game. Will you be able to understand their stories and discover what happened to their previous owner?

The machines in question have been left by alien civilizations. You have not been given any information and this seems to be rather urgent... What are these machines? Who sent them? Why won't anyone give you any answers? You will have to find for yourself which secrets and stories are hidden behind these mechanisms. This game is not a long one, but the time will be well spent!

Hidden Investigations 2: Homicide

Famous police detective, Agent Sarah, is on her way to investigate yet another unsolvable crime! Her journey will take her deep into a web of deceit and uncover a strange revenge plot linked to a long-forgotten case. In the world of puzzles and mystery, Sarah would have never expected to stumble into true love. Follow Sarah as she confronts incredible challenges in her latest adventure: Hidden Investigations 2: Homicide.

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Jul 9, 2021