New on Utomik - Expeditions: Conquistador and more!

This is your chance to rewrite history, as we go back to the 16th Century, when the Spanish invaded the Americas. Expeditions: Conquistador is out now on Utomik!

In Expeditions: Conquistador you get a chance to rewrite history. Plan your expeditions into South America, where you’ll come across the Aztec Empire. You can negotiate deals and forge diplomatic alliances with the indigenous people, or… crush the savages and bring civilization to the pagan tribes. Hunt for unimaginable riches and fight intense battles in the jungles of historic South America.

This is a game that requires strategic planning and a careful balancing of resources and risks. Due to the immersive narrative, it really plays as an RPG. The turn-based battles will allow you to carefully plan your team’s moves, to make sure you reach your goals with minimal losses. Be ready for a very intense adventure!

Hidden Investigation: Who Did It?

Agent Sarah, a famous police detective, is on her way to investigate yet another unsolvable crime. When the lovely Lacy Monroe is reported missing, the stalwart Chief of Police calls out for Sarah as his finest detective. 

In Hidden Investigation: Who Did It? You solve puzzles, find hidden objects and talk to a variety of interesting characters to get to the bottom of this case. Plunge yourself into the world of secrets and betrayals and emerge a victor in what seems to be a game of chess.

Hermes 3: Sybil’s Prophecy

Fight to save the gods as they battle to retain their immortality! Hermes 3: Sybil’s Prophecy is filled with bizarre and fanciful creatures of legend, this is an epic time-management adventure and a perfect escape for the young and the ageless alike.

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Jun 11, 2021