New on Utomik: Figment, and 4 more games

Figment is a truly wonderful musical action-adventure set in a whimsical hand-drawn world. Let yourself be pulled into its strange and surreal world filled with trumpet trees, piano houses, and charming characters.

Get the hell out of here! Mastema: Out of Hell is a 16-bit platformer that has you trapped in hell. Overcome deadly jumps, traps, crumbling platforms, and looooots of enemies. Find a way out!

Are you up for a challenge? Take on four fronts at once as you battle the invasion forces of the Wrog in Infinium Strike, a galactic tactical tower-defense game.

Where we're going, we don't need no roads! Survive the worst driving conditions in off-road racing simulator Off-Road Drive as you take part in events all around the world.

The world is your runway in Fashion Craze. Manage a clothing store where you help the fashion-challenged women of the world to look their best.

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Mar 29, 2018