New on Utomik - Fires at Midnight, Viking Sisters, Deadly Days and more!

We open our weekly releases with a gorgeous interactive narrative, about a relationship in a world where love can literally set you on fire! We think this is a great alternative to passively watching a movie, because this is a story you can shape!

Fires at Midnight

Fires at Midnight is a visual novel or interactive story (whatever you feel like calling this type of game), about the photographer Yun and his girlfriend Chitra. You get to experience their romantic relationship from both perspectives and you shape the way they feel, by selecting their memories. The game controls are fairly simple, just point & click. Along the way there will be challenges, such as puzzles, hidden object scenes and mini games, but the core of the game is about their story. How would you feel about love, when making love may set you on fire? 

Viking Sisters

Long before modern day women shattered the glass ceiling, the Viking Sisters were showing evildoers what girl power is all about! Join Helga and Brunhilda on their quest to save the men of their village from the spells of a wicked Sorceress.

If you’ve played Viking Brothers before, then you should definitely see what their sisters are up to! Get ready to enjoy a really fresh, polished and up-to-date time-management game!

Deadly Days

Deadly Days is a unique and fun indie rogue-lite taking place in the zombie apocalypse. Manage and protect a group of survivors and help them to stop the catastrophe. Discover and use a large number of wild and crazy objects, even wilder and crazier survivors, special abilities, and deadly weapons. The zombies are not fun, but the game is excellent. Lots of great reviews on Steam!

Queen’s Quest 4: Sacred Truce

Restore peace in the realm of the Five Kingdoms, in Queen’s Quest 4! The realm of the Five Kingdoms faces a formidable challenge. A mysterious power is trying to destroy the relationship between humans and elves and start a conflict. Enjoy another great Artifexmundi + Brave Giant hidden object game!

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Apr 1, 2021