New on Utomik: Hitman: Absolution and more!

The Hitman-series is beloved for its combination of action and stealth, and the great story and graphics. Hitman: Absolution is one of the best in the series, and still enjoyed by fans and followers alike. So, get ready to become Agent 47 and lay your vengeance upon the world! Stay hidden, play it smart and you may get your chance to see justice done in the end. Well, your version of justice of course!

The cute pixelated retro game Of Mice and Sand: Revised lets you pilot a desert ship and its rodent crew. You build the rooms and the rodents go looking for adventure and the rumored El Dorado.

And last but not least, today we bring you Absolute Drift: Zen Edition. This. Is. The chillest racing game... In The Wuurrrld! Seriously though, this is a great indie racing game, that’s beloved by many. Just drift through the maps, score points with assignments and have fun. It’s an excellent way to get started on your weekend!

The godlike village simulator Rise to Ruins is now officially released! We had it in Early Access on Utomik since 2017, and it has improved a lot since then. Have fun building and protecting your village. Use everything at your disposal to keep your villagers alive as long as possible!

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Nov 8, 2019