New on Utomik: Hotel Ever After - Ella's Wish, Wild Guns Reloaded, and more!

The brand-new GameHouse game Hotel Ever After - Ella’s Wish is a time-management game brings you the story of a modern-day Cinderella. Can you help her save her family’s hotel and make it a success?

Whip out yer guns and start shootin’, in the retro arcade game Wild Guns Reloaded. The remaster keeps the core of what made the original so good while updating every single aspect of the game to make it fresh for both new and returning players.

Keep in Mind: Remastered is a very unique and critically acclaimed indie game. The psychological indie game follows Jonas, a man struggling with mental illness, on a journey of reflection and emotional healing. This game was created for those who struggle with mental illness or those who find themselves lost in the dark. It is meant to be a therapeutic experience, but because of its sensitive and controversial content, some audiences may want to be wary.

The funny and cute puzzle game Goroons can be played with up to 4 people in local multiplayer. Get ready to put your thinking cap on, because each level was specifically designed to be harder than the previous one!

Koloro is a dreamy platform/puzzle game that lets you enjoy the art and soundtrack as well as bring you some challenges. You’ll need your skills as a platform gamer to get through the levels and find the best way to face a hostile world of nightmares.

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Sep 13, 2019