New on Utomik: I Am Not A Monster: First Contact and more!

This Friday we have a really nice treat for you! The sci-fi retro game I Am Not A Monster: First Contact will come to Utomik with its single-player campaign. If you enjoy retro, 1970’s pulp sci-fi styling in games, books and movies, you’re going to love this game (like we do). This game never takes itself too seriously, but keep an eye on the strategy part or you’ll lose! 

Smith and Winston is a humorous exploration action twin stick shooter. You take control of Smith or Winston and explore a shattered ringworld, and blast you way to success. Play this yourself or in local multiplayer for extra fun!

MOAI 3: Trade Mission Collector's Edition is really beautiful city-building and strategic time and resource management game about and island dwelling tribe. In this compelling and entertaining part 3 of the series, you control the fate of the main characters as they travel across visually stunning lands to complete their quest to save their kingdom.

The last game for today is a super fun multiplayer puzzle game, with more than 150 puzzles for you to solve. Guide your Clones as you explore over 150 perplexing puzzles on your pilgrimage across the Clones Planet to learn from the clever and quirky CloneMasters.

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Oct 25, 2019