New on Utomik - Jack Axe, Alexis Almighty and Fashion Season!

We’ve got great news for you this week! You might have seen it around, faithfully wearing its Coming Soon label for a while now, but last Wednesday it at last happened: Jack Axe finally became playable!

Jack Axe

Jack Axe is playable from day one on Utomik, we are very proud to announce. This game from our friends at Another Indie offers a fun 2D open world platforming adventure. You are Jack, a young viking girl who stumbles upon the Cursed Axe while exploring a cave. She wasn’t supposed to get it at all; after all, she is a girl, and girls aren’t allowed to carry weapons! But since the Cursed Axe didn’t smite her yet, she must now take up the role of defeating the Purple Plague. And, you know, give this mighty axe to the rightful worthy man if she happens to stumble upon him. As if that will ever happen.

Follow Jack as she throws her axe to move across the air, uses it to remove obstacles, and fights mighty bosses. The music of Jack Axe is gorgeous, and its world is beautifully colourful. But that same world is also brutal. Sometimes, you’ll die many times before discovering the strategy to defeat a powerful foe.

Jack Axe is a lovely game with roots in Norse and Filipino mythology that we cannot recommend enough. Give it a go, spin your hammer, and prove yourself worthy!

Alexis Almighty: Daughter of Hercules

Follow us into ancient Greece for a while, and meet Alexis Almighty: Daughter of Hercules; a young heroine tasked with restoring time and order. You’ve met Hercules before; the only hero strong enough to defeat Chronos, the evil god of time. But after Chronos ages Hercules and leaves him weak and defenseless, Hercules’ only chance to save the world is to pass the baton – ahem, hammer – to someone else. It is found by his own daughter, the beautiful and brave Alexis.

Alexis has always wanted to be a hero. Now it is up to her! Help her on her journey to restore balance in a world ruined by time, and ultimately save her father. Clear anything that blocks your path, and manage your resources cleverly to beat harder levels. With over 70 levels of gorgeous full HD game play, this time management game that takes you across dimensions is sure to keep you entertained!

Fashion Season

In action arcade puzzler Fashion Season, you are the owner of a boutique beauty salon. People are dying to be dressed by you, so don’t let them down! Combine the most gorgeous outfits to make your customers shine, and accessorize to a tee. If you play your cards right, you’ll be sure to take the fashion world by storm!

Blue Fire: Void of Sorrows DLC

We’ve recently released the awesome platforming adventure game: Blue Fire. We’re happy to announce that the first DLC patch is now also live on Utomik! With 2 brand-new areas and 16 new, mind-blowing voids, there will be many extra hours of gameplay added to this already charming game. An epic new boss will be waiting at the end, too! If you’re a completionist, though: new gear has been added and delicious lore is expanded on...

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Oct 8, 2021