New on Utomik: Mable & The Wood, and more...

Become a menace or a saving grace in Mable & The Wood! Mable can’t lift her heavy sword, forcing you to get creative with your attacks. Destroy the monsters in your way and take their powers, shapeshifting into them to unlock new and hidden paths as you go. If you’re up to the challenge, even bosses can be defeated without any bloodshed… Pacifist mode is always within reach.

To keep things varied, we’ve added two casual games to our library as well. First up we have a classic time-management game about three heroes who try to stop the Titans from dropping the sky on all of us. Which of the three Demigods will you play?

And we have some fresh challenges for fans of match-3 puzzle games. In Rune Lord you need to close a portal from which dark magis are oozing out into the world. Only you can close this gateway, but will you succeed? In addition to the puzzles, you’ll be treated to a nail biting tale.

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Jul 31, 2020