New on Utomik - Myths of Orion, Incredible Dracula 9 and Moto Racer!

We have the perfect game for a relaxing weekend in August. Whether you’re on holiday or chilling at home, this one will keep you entertained. Get ready to dive into the mysterious adventures of Myths of Orion: Light from the North!

Myths of Orion: Light from the North

The story is simple enough for anyone who likes a good fantasy tale; we have a wizard collecting knowledge using the Books to wreak all sorts of havoc in the Realm of Orion. Someone called Salina (yes, made me raise an eyebrow too) stole them from the wizard in order to stay safe many years ago. But he caught her trail after all these years. Now, she needs you to save her from his wrath.

But, the classic fantasy tropes are also the beauty of this game. You can just sit back and let the story carry you along as you travel through 3 unique kingdoms, solving puzzles and hidden object dioramas. The game is very highly polished and well produced, and will give you a pleasant afternoon of gameplay for sure.

Incredible Dracula 9: Legacy of the Valkyries

Gather your undead cronies and set off on a journey through fantastical lands and past fierce creatures of legend to claim a treasure beyond imagination! Count Dracula awaits your arrival in Incredible Dracula 9: Legacy of the Valkyries.

You can count on a Dracula game to both provide a pleasant time-management challenge and a chuckle. This one was released worldwide a month ago, so you can be sure it's the best one yet!

Moto Racer

Hop on your bike and race back to the nineties in the  retro racing game Moto Racer! As the first in this classic series, it’s filled with nostalgia and controls that might feel outdated but, for everyone who loved these games back then, it’s a great trip down memory lane.

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Aug 6, 2021