New on Utomik - NAIRI: Tower of Shirin, Alabama Smith, and Arctic Quest!

Dive into great narratives this week, with two new titles where the story takes the stage, and one that teleports you to tropical islands to unwind instead.

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin tells the tale of Nairi, a young girl from the oasis city of Shirin. One night, her well-to-do family is taken captive and locked up by guards, and she only escapes a similar fate by being smuggled outside of town across the desert! Together with Nairi, you befriend cat burglars and a rat named Rex. But remaining outside of Shirin, where life is easier, is not an option. Her parents are still held captive! And so Nairi returns to the city.

In this lovely hand-drawn point-and-click game that boasts a strong narrative, you help Nairi solve puzzles while she learns more about the city and the mysterious Tower of Shirin, and fights to get her parents freed. Along the way, you meet new friends...but also some enemies!

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin is an adorable game, offering fun for all ages. The enchanting music will take you straight into the Middle Eastern city of Shirin and not let you go!

Alabama Smith: Escape from Pompeii

Down for some good old adventure? Follow Alabama Smith, an excelling archeology student at Yale, as he is invited to visit the university of Naples, where his professor tells him about the Amulet of Ages. The Amulet of Ages is a mysterious artifact able to turn back time! Our archeology student’s interest is piqued straight away, and he jumps into his research. Alas, this results in him waking up in ancient Pompeii, just when the Vesuvius volcano is about to erupt! You have to help him escape!

Alabama Smith: Escape from Pompeii is a gorgeous point-and-click game with photorealistic graphics, an intriguing game plot and many unexpected twists. Find the mysterious artifact by solving hidden object puzzles and challenging mini games, while you find yourself in hidden rooms, dungeons and labyrinths. Will you help Alabama Smith find the Amulet of Ages, and then rescue him from Pompeii?

Arctic Quest

From the deserts of Shirin and the tombs of Pompeii, you find yourself transported to tropical islands. In Arctic Quest, the Ice King intends to conquer these paradises! You must save the islands from freezing over! Grab the ice blocks the Ice King throws into the water, and place them into a tangram-like figure as fast as you can. Don’t let too many blocks fall, or you’ll lose and the Ice King wins!

Will you save your parents and discover the secrets of the Tower of Shirin, escape the wrath of a volcano, and save the islands beset by the Ice King?

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Oct 1, 2021