New on Utomik - Necronator: Dead Wrong and more!

If you love deckbuilding games and games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, then our latest addition on Utomik is definitely right for you. Necronator: Dead Wrong combines humor and cute animations with a deep and challenging tactical battle game. 

You have to play your cards right in Necronator, to buff your armies, summon special warriors and obstacles. Then, you can go ahead and crumble the opponent’s towers and castles! You can build and improve your deck over time in this roguelike RTS game, to make sure you end up being one of the most feared commanders in the land.

It would be great to play this game against real-life opponents, but the game itself and AI will be a challenge too. There are multiple commander styles to try and master, which will give you a lot of variation and replayability. You never know what cards you can collect to improve your deck, right?

New Yankee 10: Under the Genie's Thumb

A brand new adventure for our beloved time travelling heroes in which they travel to the fairy tale lands of 1001 nights. A genie in a lamp demands that our heroes make his wishes come true in this all-new adventure starring the mighty Sir John and the magical Lady Mary! Can you save them from the genie’s clutches with your time-management skills in New Yankee 10: Under the Genie's Thumb?

Brink Of Consciousness - The Lonely Hearts Murders

Help Owen Wright rescue his daughter from the clutches of the Lonely Hearts Killer, the mysterious figure who kidnaps and murders people who have suffered a love gone wrong. Unravel the intrigue of Brink Of Consciousness - The Lonely Hearts Murders and put a stop to the whirlwind of crime that has paralyzed this late 19th century British city. The killer must be stopped so justice can be done!

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Jun 25, 2021