New on Utomik: Neverinth and more

Great news! One of the most beloved games we featured at Gamescom 2019 is being released this week. You can play Neverinth, the valkyrie action-adventure rogue game, like you never have before. Enjoy the update and the new build!

In Neverinth, you belong to the fiercest group of warriors in all of mythology: the valkyries. There’s a varied selection of awesome women you can play (and kick ass) as. Master and discover their different styles and abilities. The endless halls are filled with monsters straight out of Norse folktales, so you really get a chance to prove your worth out there.

Enjoy the remake of a beloved classic RTS game Cultures - 8th Wonder of the World. Reminiscent of Age of Empires, you build your society from the ground up. Additionally, you can grow and raise your people individually and let them grow and learn new trades. Enjoy this timeless gem!

We haven’t forgotten our fans of more casual style games. Especially for you, we also add Summer Resort Mogul to our library this week. Perfectly in time for the summer (on the Northern Hemisphere, where we are at least) you get to build your very own sunny beach-style resort. Make clever decisions and let your beautiful resort grow and prosper!

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Jun 19, 2020