New on Utomik: Outcast - Second Contact and more!

Return to Adelpha in the complete remake of the game which sparked the open world action-adventure genre! Outcast - Second Contact lets you explore the beautiful alien world once more. Discover exotic cities and face fierce enemies to learn the secrets of an advanced civilization. The fate of two worlds lies in your hands!

Join cute game mascot Shiny in God of Light: Remastered on his way to bring light back to the universe. Solve unique environmental physics puzzles through reflection, splitting, bending and teleporting rays of light to activate the Sources of Life and prevent the impending darkness!

Puppet Kings is a modern take on the classic brick-breaking genre. Introducing a roguelike twist, characters, and a boss rush game mode to bring the genre into the new age.

Slip on your overalls and match those crops together to fix up your farm in match-3 adventure Crop Busters! Can you return your childhood home to its former glory?

Sit back and put on your thinking cap for turn-based strategy game Army General. Fight back the Italian invasion of Egypt or advance to Suez during World War II in 25 scenarios. Relive historical battles!

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May 25, 2018