New on Utomik - Poöf vs. The Cursed Kitty and more!

Looking for a fun platformer with a challenge? Say no more. We’ve got you covered with our latest release: Poöf vs. The Cursed Kitty.

Poöf vs. The Cursed Kitty

In Poöf vs. The Cursed Kitty, you play Poöf the dog, who has been tricked into accepting a kitty. That is where your trouble begins. This kitty is not an ordinary kitty, you see; it lays golden eggs, which attract a lot of attention from local monsters. And they all want the cute, golden egg-laying kitty for themselves! As Poöf, you have to protect your unexpected new companion (and source of income) from invaders.

Make sure that nobody comes too close to your kitty! In this platformer with tower defense elements, you have to hold out against waves of different enemies while aiming for the high score by picking up gems and going for combo kills. Your ever-expanding arsenal? Golden poo that slows down enemies, towers that electrocute, and flying saws, to name a few. Poöf vs. The Cursed Kitty is a challenging game that starts out easy but really pushes you to make the best of your upgrades at more advanced levels. It offers 108 missions, 36 upgrades, and some sweet drip for Poöf and your kitty to boot. Once you start this game, it’s hard to stop!

The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen

With the kingdom becoming poorer and poorer, the king has no choice but to marry his daughter off to a wealthy stranger in order to save his realm. In The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen, the princess—desperate to save herself from this fate—writes to the amazing Munchausen to defeat the evil stranger! In this excellent combination of hidden object and adventure gameplay, you follow the world-famous, cannon-ball-riding Baron von Munchausen as he unwraps the mystery of the stranger and brings peace and prosperity back to the kingdom.

12 Labours of Hercules

Accompany Hercules on a quest to rescue his wife Megara, who was kidnapped by the evil Hades! Complete the 12 Labours of Hercules and meet heroes from Ancient Greece, as you vanquish beasts, repair roads and construct wonders in this stunning time management game! (No magical creatures were harmed in the making of the game.)

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Aug 20, 2021