New on Utomik: Shadow Blade: Reload and more…

We have an excellent action platformer for you this week. In Shadow Blade: Reload you, a ninja-student, are the only one who can save the world from  the bad guys. The 52 levels present a serious challenge, but the smooth controls make all the challenges doable, although we question that for the highest level after watching some playthroughs online. They are not for everyone. But, if you enjoy this kind of game, you can revisit the levels time and time again to beat your record or try to complete them at 100% as fast as you can. Whatever playstyle suits you, this game presents hours and hours of fun. The clean yet beautifully designed world, the comic book intermezzos and the pulsing beats of the soundtrack will keep you hooked!

For our casual gamers, or for everyone who is looking for some nice inbetween games, we have two very nice additions this week, too.
First we have Roads of Rome: New Generation, which is a fresh take on the beloved Roads of Rome franchise. The game engine has been upgraded, leading to interesting new possibilities in the gameplay, compared to the older games. In New Generation you need to save the Romans from the effects of devastating earthquakes, can you manage both time and resources well enough to earn a gold star in every level?

Last but not least we have a relaxing game of Pong for you. Well, not Pong itself, but a fresh take on the genre, called Hyperballoid 2. Over 200 levels in 4 worlds are available in which you bounce your ball to destroy all the different types of tiles. Perfect to binge or just to play a single level every once in a while. It’s entirely up to you. Just sit back and relax with this fun little game.

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Sep 4, 2020