New on Utomik - Shores Unknown, Orwell, Northern Tale 3, and more!

This week we had the pleasure of adding the awesome tactical turn-based RPG Shores Unknown on DAY ONE (early access) on Utomik. You can find all about that awesome game in the news of the 17th of February! But, that’s not all. Today is Friday, so we’re adding some other great games for you to play today as well. Read on!

Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You

Orwell is a new governmental security program that has the power to survey the online presence of every person in The Nation. It can monitor all personal communications and access any computer. To preserve the privacy of citizens, human researchers examine the data Orwell finds and decide which pieces of information should be passed on to the security forces, and which should be rejected. Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You is Season 1 of a set of games that explore masterfully what happens when the data we all share with the world is misinterpreted and misused. Big Brother has arrived- and this time: it’s you…

Northern Tale 3

Northern Tale 3 is a casual strategy that will challenge you just enough to get you into the zone. This game will invite you to become a part of a great legend. Rescue your friends from the curse of the Ethereal Dragon and become the ultimate hero of the North!

Smash Frenzy 4

Aliens have entered our dimension and kidnapped thousands of innocents! Strap into your starship, transport your secret weapon across space and launch it at the objects placed before you. Bust those obstacles and become the hero of Smash Frenzy 4!

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Feb 19, 2021