New on Utomik - Snowtopia, Rescue Team 11 and more!

Are you pining for a nice spot of skiing or snowboarding? Well, today we have the next best thing: build your own winter holiday dream resort in Snowtopia: Ski Resort Builder. Out now in early access on Utomik.

There is plenty of snow on the mountain, which is great for skiing, but there are also obstacles. Like trees and more. So, it’s up to you to place the skiing pistes on the mountain and make sure it’s going to be fun for everyone. There are 11 types of ski lifts to choose from, depending on the heights and slopes you want to scale. Plan, build and improve until you’ve created your dream ski area!

There is no moment to be made in Snowtopia, but if your skiers are happy enough, they’ll join the team of volunteers running the resort. Manage your workforce and materials well, because as the saying goes: “Everyone loves sunbathing on the terrace, but no one likes a broken ski lift”. Right?

Rescue Team 11: Planet Savers

After building snowy ski pistes in Snowtopia and chilling, you need all your wits and reflexes to handle the impending catastrophe in Rescue Team. Stop the glacial meltdown that could have catastrophic consequences. Are you ready to save the day? The adventure is just a click away in Rescue Team 11: Planet Savers!

Cave Quest

Play a thrilling Match3 game, Cave Quest! Match gems of the same kind to let them disappear and win helpful items and power-ups. Collect money to buy the tools you need and speleological equipment. Pass through all corners of the forgotten stronghold with Isabella and Michael, meet its inhabitants and unravel the mystery of the Ghost King!

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May 28, 2021